April 16, 2024

8 Tips on How to Make Exhibition Booths that Attract Traffic

Joining trade fairs and exhibitions can be a helpful way of increasing your business’ brand awareness. But as it is an event with very tight competition, you need to create and use custom exhibition stands that can generate high traffic and attract potential customers. Here are eight tips to help you out.

  • Know that size and location matter. As much as possible, select a location where foot traffic is high. And to maximize your exposure, your custom exhibition stands should have the right size and proportion. Make sure to comply with the guidelines set by the organizers.
  • Keep your audience in mind. When joining trade fairs, always consider the perspective of your audience. Think like a customer: Design custom exhibition stands that you would want to visit. Incorporate catchy images and compelling copies.
  • Use videos and slideshows. Experts also advise using high-quality AVPs and slideshows to help generate traffic. These visuals can greatly showcase your products and services — and you can even feature reviews from your previous clients.
  • Stay on brand. No matter what element you add to your booth, one thing is important: Make sure that you are in line with your brand. After all, you are joining the event in hopes of increasing brand awareness and gaining customers. Don’t forget to incorporate your logo, tagline, and business information in a strategic and readable manner.
  • Break down your space. To create an efficient and effective customer experience, custom expo booths should be broken down into segments. There should be a separate entrance and exit points, a region where queries can be entertained, and another area for interactive activities like games and giveaway promos.
  • Offer giveaways. Speaking of giveaways, offering such deals is considered one of the best ways to attract traffic on trade shows. It can make the attendees’ booth experience more rewarding and memorable. You can also dole out strategic merchandise items like pens, calendars, umbrellas apart from the usual brochures. Food goodies are also a hit among attendees.
  • Work with an expert in exhibition booths. To make sure you participating in a trade show is a success, you’ll have nothing to lose if you work with a reputable exhibition booth maker. They can even make your effort cost-effective as they offer a wide array of services — from designing to installing to dissembling your booth.
  • Promote your booth online. While the physical exhibition stands themselves should be catchy and unique, you can better promote your booth if you use your online platforms. Weeks before the event and during the event proper, promote your booth and post as-it-happens updates on your social media pages.


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