April 16, 2024

3 Worthwhile Lead Generation Strategies for 2021

The COVID-19 Pandemic has dramatically shifted the way we do business. Especially for those in marketing, the digital space is already dominating the scene forcing them to reconsider a lot of lead generation strategies. Advertising platforms have diversified in the digital realm but the video remains king. CMO reports that digital advertising spends peaked at AU$9.5 billion, a 20 percent increase since 2019 in the same quarter. Video advertising topped the rank raking in close to AU$ 2 billion in spending.

These staggering figures show how robust the digital economy is. And that’s due to an ever-increasing market of internet users. Prosperity Media notes that there are over 22 million internet users in Australia. And most of them are using their mobile devices or smartphones to access websites. Any lead generation agency will find this to be a gold mine! But before you start digging your own hole, consider these strategies:

Leverage on exclusive content

The internet is literally an information dump organized and arranged according to what you are searching for. For marketers, this means tough competition when it comes to serving up content for the digital user. A simple yet effective lead generation strategy is to go against the current and offer really awesome content for those who are willing to pay for it. People love to get exclusive or gated content because it makes them feel special or extraordinary. 

Mount virtual events

Virtual events are convenient ways for marketers to get their messages across. Virtual events are usually interactive and in some ways replace the usual meetings or conferences we usually are asked to attend. With virtual events, marketers can do valuable lead generation and determine which leads are worth pursuing. Virtual events can be in the guise of learning forums or online enrichment classes.

Offer rewards for referrals

Another popular lead generation strategy is to reward those that do the work for you! The trick might be ages old but the intended outcome always surprises marketers. Similar to “word-of-mouth” marketing, having a referral system in place helps you figure out who is interested in your brand or product and how you can reach them. Imagine how Tupperware parties started but only this time, you’re doing it on digital. Just be careful when it comes to confidentiality clauses and data privacy laws. Also, put in place a very juicy offer for every referral made so your leads will just keep coming in!

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